Why you'll love Aera

Even Coverage

Fills a room in seconds with subtle, even scent.

Longer Hours

Approximately 10x the life of a large candle.


Scent does not change or fade over time.

Featured On

"The home scenting device that will change your life."

No Residue

No Flame





"I'm getting my mom an Aera this year. She's constantly testing out candles at home to varying degrees of enjoyment..."

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"Home fragrances are increasingly being delivered by higher-tech devices than candles and wall plug-ins."

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"This new fragrance device is unlike anything you've ever seen before."

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Using Aera is Simple

Diffuser icon

Plug it in

Fragrance Capsule icon

Put in a Fragrance

Human Breathing Deeply icon

Breathe Deeply

60-day Returns

60 Day Returns

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Happiness Guaranteed

Happiness Guaranteed

Scent Now, Pay Later!

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